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Join us and drive innovation forward.

In ImanTak Pishro Company, we believe that innovation and progress are achieved through collaboration and teamwork. We are looking for capable individuals who are willing to leverage their experiences and skills in the context of a dynamic and developing industry.

By joining ImanTak Pishro, you will be part of a family and an environment where creativity and innovation are the main focus of our organizational culture. We nurture values such as motivation, flexibility, transparency, and responsibility, and aim to always produce high-quality products in accordance with the latest global knowledge. Collaborating with us is an opportunity to shape the future of the industry in our country together.

Job Opportunities

We offer a variety of collaboration opportunities at different levels, including:

  • Production: Be involved in the manufacturing and assembly activities of our products.
  • Engineering: Contribute to the improvement of our products and manufacturing processes.
  • Procurement and Supply: Assist us in timely sourcing of components at the right price.
  • Systems and Methods: Collaborate with us in designing quality management systems and evaluating processes.
  • Tool and Die Making: Join us in designing and creating tools and equipment.

How Can We Cooperate ?

If you are looking for a collaborative opportunity in a dynamic and learning-filled environment, you can submit your resume through our collaboration form. Our recruitment team will carefully review the applications and contact you.

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