The Specialized Laboratory

he capability to conduct various tests and calibration of control equipment

Mechanical tests

In this test, the components undergo evaluation for their strength and resistance against pressure, tension, etc.

Fatigue and endurance tests

In this test, components are subjected to real operating conditions to assess their durability and resistance to fatigue.

Electrical tests

This test is used to evaluate the electrical performance of the components used, including measuring resistance, current, and voltage under different conditions.

Environmental condition tests

Environmental condition tests include resistance to heat and cold, corrosion, moisture, dust, and vibrations. These tests help ensure the proper performance of components in various environmental conditions.

Precision dimensional measurements

At this stage, the physical dimensions of the components are measured with high precision to ensure that their dimensions comply with specified standards.

Calibration of control equipment

The capability to calibrate dimensional control tools such as calipers, as well as various types of control gauges for air pressure and oil pressure.

The strengths of ImanTak's leading laboratory

Implementation of ISIRI Standard 3290

This standard is created by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) and ensures that our products/services comply with the required specifications.

The laboratory collaborates with the National Standards Organization of Iran

With a commitment to quality and precision, this center plays a key role in ensuring that products and services comply with the standards specified by the National Standards Organization of Iran.

The laboratory approved by the country's automakers

Our commitment to precision and adherence to industry standards ensures that tested products meet the specific requirements set by the country's automobile manufacturers.

Implementation of ISO 17025 standard

The implementation of the ISO 17025 standard at ImanTak enhances the performance and accuracy of laboratory activities while ensuring the credibility of results. This initiative demonstrates a commitment to quality and the elevation of international standards in laboratory activities, fostering sustainable process improvement and enhancing the credibility of the products and services provided.


A glimpse into the advanced laboratory environment of ImanTak