Producing highly durable and resistant components

The production units of the company specialize in the manufacturing and supply of automotive electromechanical keys, sensors, and switches. With a focus on quality, precision, and innovation, we offer high-quality components with superior performance. By utilizing advanced technologies and high-quality raw materials, we specialize in producing components with long lifespan and exceptional functionality.

Product design and formation

The implementation of product realization processes, utilizing standard frameworks such as APQP, SQA, and specialized design software like Mechanical, Catia, SolidWorks, etc., is conducted. In the realm of R&D and product design and formation, Tavan Rahjo Andish, a leading subsidiary of the ITP Holding company, assists ImanTak in providing innovative solutions

Implementing error-free production processes

We strive to create error-free processes using preventive and precise control methods. Additionally, by thoroughly examining and analyzing various types of errors, we improve production processes

Designing and manufacturing molds

Designing and manufacturing plastic, metal, and matrix molds, production and inspection fixtures, and required testing equipment is carried out using specialized software such as Powermill, as well as dedicated hardware for mold making

Introducing a manufacturing site

The leading  ImanTak factory comprises three production halls: plastic injection, machining, and pressing, as well as several assembly halls. Other units include engineering, quality control, systems and methods, planning, procurement, sales, procurement, warehousing, human resources, HSE (Health, Safety, Environment), IT, mold making, after-sales services, tool and equipment manufacturing, security, and services. All products are 100% tested, packaged after tracking code insertion, and delivered to customers.

Photo gallery

View of the environment of the leading ImanTak factory